Lost At Sea: Man Adrift For 28 Days Banks At Chilika

26 October 2019


Puri: In a show of great determination, an Andaman man survived 28 days in cyclone ravaged sea without any food, drinking water, or hope. With his motorboat’s fuel long exhausted, he drifted and finally banked on the shores of Khirisahi village in Chilika of Puri district on Friday.

Hailing from Shaheed Dweep, Amrit Kujur (42) with his partner Divyaranjan had set out in their fishing boat 28 days ago.

Sharing his ordeal, Amrit said that they had their boat loaded and were returning when they were caught in a cyclonic storm. To save their boat from capsizing, they threw away most of their stock to reduced weight. Soon they ran out of fuel and stored food and water. The two lost fishermen kept drifting in the sea with no sense of direction. Both of them reportedly survived by drinking salty seawater.

To make matters worse, Divyaranjan could not such survive drastic conditions. But Amrit stayed strong and even kept his friend’s body with him for two days. He had to throw away the body as it began to rot.

Stranded Amrit had lost all hope of survival when in a spate of good luck, his boat reached the shores of Khirisahi in Chilika of Puri district.

Thanking God for having mercy on him, he also expressed his gratitude to the villagers of Khirisahi for rescuing him. The locals had spotted an upturned boat on the shore and rushed to help him.

The Krushnaprasad Police were duly informed who talked with Amrit and made sure he got the needed medical attention.