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Live Fish Block Road During Bharat Bandh, Know How

08 January 2020


Rourkela: Not only agitators but a group of live fish also played their part in bringing the traffic to a standstill during the nationwide strike (Bharat Bandh) observed on Wednesday.

The incident occurred after a fish-laden pick-up van overturned near an agitation site at Bisra Chowk in Rourkela. As a result, dozens of live fish spread on the road, blocking the whole way.

While bystanders took it as an opportunity and rushed to grab the fish, the agitators and police present at the spot stopped them. Following it, the agitators with the help of some public collected the fish.

After few minutes, the pick-up van was raised with the help of a crane, the fish were loaded back and it went on its way.