Lecturer Accused Of Harassment Bites Student’s Finger In Odisha’s Khurda

16 January 2020


Khurda: A lecturer was taken into custody today after a bit a student’s finger at Remamani College of Begunia here. The students were protesting his presence in the college after serious allegations of sexual harassment were pressed against him previously.

The female students have alleged that they had filed a sexual harassment complaint to the Principal against the HOD of Education Department Asutosh Mohapatra about 45 days ago.

One of the female students said, “We had filed a complaint to the Principal and we were promised stringent action against the HOD but no action was taken against him even after all this time. However, when we saw him in college today, we protested against his unrepentant presence. Losing his cool, he bit the finger one of the students.”

College’s Principal Dr Rashmidhara Mohapatra said, “Bases on the students’ complaint I had forwarded the complaint to my seniors and put the accused lecturer on a forced leave. Today he came into the college premises without my knowledge and the angered students attacked him.”

In a fit of rage, the students even broke Asutosh Mohapatra’s motorcycle.

She adds that to maintain peace, she locked Asutosh Mohapatra inside a room and informed local police. “Based on my complaint he was taken into custody,” adds Dr Mohapatra.

Upon arriving, the police had to break open the door where the accused lecturer was locked up and took him into custody amidst wild hoots of students.

Female Student Alleging Lecturer Of Harassment

Dr Rashmidhara Mohapatra, Principal