VSS Burla 'Doctor Misconduct': Odisha Health Minister Orders Inquiry

22 October 2019

Debasish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: State Health Minister Naba Kishore Das today spoke on alleged misconduct of a VSS Medical College and Hospital doctor and stresses that we should trust in the judicial process and let law take its own course.

Das said, “I have already placed an order for inquiry. An Additional Secretary with another member will conduct the inquiry.”

“In a democratic country like India, this is an extremely unfortunate incident. Our federation system has its set of rules. Law will take its own course. We cannot simply decide on the basis of a visual. I am waiting for the inquiry’s report, as we should all,” added the Health Minister.

The Minister was speaking on a video that went viral yesterday and then caused massive public outrage. The video showed some doctors forcing youth to do sit-ups and beg for apology. The youth reportedly is the son of a man who was undergoing treatment at VSS Medical College and Hospital, Burla and later shifted to a private facility.

The youth, accompanied by two of his associates attacked a neurosurgeon of VSS Hospital on Sunday. However, he was captured by junior doctors who started heckling him. The youth had beaten Dr Acharya Suryakanta Pattajoshi as the latter refused to go the private facility to examine his father.

Enraged by the act of attack on a senior doctor, junior doctors and residents of VSS overpowered the youth and allegedly stripped him. He was made to do sit-ups and forced to apologize. The incident grabbed eyeballs because, someone police officers were present at the scene, as shown in the viral video.

Naba Kisore Das, Minister, H & FW, Odisha