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Know Why SHG Women Want To Support Naveen Patnaik Again

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05 January 2019


Bhubaneswar: SHGs have played an important role in enabling financial inclusion in rural areas of the State. It has financially empowered women within the family and in local community. Regular weekly meeting, regular weekly savings, regular internal lending, regular repayment and regular bookkeeping, the well-networked framework of SHGs has transformed the movement into an economic success in Odisha.

OMMCOM NEWS spoke to SHG workers at the Puri convention on Saturday and sought their opinion on how effective SHGs have been in Odisha.

Basant Patra said, we did not have any source of income. We took bank loan and did poultry farming. I could earn and save for my children's education and daughter's marraige. The women empowerment programmes have been very beneficial for us. The zero loan facility will be a blessing for SHGs. Poor people are immensely benifitted from these schemes so they vote for him and will continue to vote for Naveen Patnaik.

Madhabilata Behera from Sonepur said, “We are very happy to see the Chief Minister amongst us. We all want to lead a dignified life and will utilise the money for employment and revenue generation. Naveen has a special attachment for SHGs and has done a lot to empower us.

Arunima Nanda said, “I had created my Mission Shakti group in 2004 and at that time I had never imagined that I will be here in this platform. We had started by making dolls and bangle boxes etc. and marketed our products in the villages. Then Mission Shakti asked us to put up stalls and eventually we became financially independent. We are able to take care of our children and household as well and we are receiving respect in family by our in-laws and husband. By giving us gas cylinders, they are trying to limit us to kitchens, but we will not be limited.”

Meenakshi Prusty of Gop block said, “I am a housewife and I have faced a lot of problems by my in-laws. I was not eating properly or getting clothes to wear. But, then I took part in a SHG and produced handmade products like jute bags that were sold at Konark. Within 15 days, we were given a sale shelter by the Government at Konark. Soon, I was able to afford higher education for my kids and my daughter is continuing my legacy of begin an active member of SHG. In 2012, I was given chance to go to Belgium. We were in corner of houses at one time, but now look at the opportunities we are getting.”