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Kendrapara Picnic Tragedy: What Caused The Boat To Capsize Killing 10 People?

03 January 2019


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Kendrapara: A picnic party of 55 people from Jagatsinghpur were celebrating the dawn of the new year in Kendrapara. They were in a jolly mood and were welcoming 2019 together. Little did they know that a tragedy awaited them at Hukitola. Following a boat capsize tragedy, 10 people among the group were killed and their bodies were eventually recovered.

While inquiry into the matter is in full swing, speculations are rife on what caused the boat to capsize. Here are a few points form Kendrapara Collector Dasaratha Satpathy and SP Niti Sekhar that can give a clearer picture to the entire incident:

  • 17 families consisting of 55 members were traveling on the boat that is meant for fishing.
  • A woman from the group had to attend to nature’s call and two others had to pee, just half an hour before the boat was to reach the river bank. After finishing their respective bodily functions, when the persons were boarding the boat again, it capsized causing the tragedy.
  • The persons on the boat, who have been rescued, are claiming that they had travelled to the picnic spot in two boats and had returned in a single boat.
  • The villagers from the nearby areas claimed that around 10 more families were also trying to get aboard the boat. The boat had maximum capacity of 25-30 people.
  • If the boatman used his presence of mind and had touched the boat to the bank, then the tragedy could have been avoided. However, the incident occurred when the boat was yet to touch the river bank and was a little further away from it.
  • Collector Satapathy believes that if the boat was three kilometers further inside, somewhere in the middle of the river, then the death toll would have been greater and fishing out the bodies would have been even difficult.

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Niti Shekhar, SP, Kendrapara

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Dasharatha Satpathy, Collector, Kendrapara