Is This The End Of The Road For Dama Rout’s Political Career?

16 October 2019

Swetaparna Mohanty

Bhubaneswar: Resignation of veteran politician Damodar Rout from the BJP-the party he joined barely seven months back before the elections in May this year, has left many guessing whether this could be the end of the road for Dama babu's political career.

While some political analysts feel that it is the end of the road for Rout in electoral politics considering his age and statements, some are of the view that the political animal that he is, he cannot shun politics and would join BJD sooner or later.

" I don’t think Dama Rout has any options left for him now that he is out of BJP; earlier he was thrown out of BJD. Considering his temperament and political beliefs I don’t believe there is slightest chance of him joining Congress. Therefore I believe it is the end of the road for Dama Babu as far as electoral politics is concerned," senior journalist Sandeep Sahu said.

He pointed out, Rout has himself made it clear that he will not remain in electoral politics anymore and will be working for spreading Biju babu’s ideology and ideas.

"I think it was inevitable since it was a marriage of convenience by temperament, by ideology. I don’t think there was anything common between Dama babu and BJP. Always he had been a vicious critic of the party before joining it, under compulsion I would say because the elections were at hand and he had already been thrown out of the BJD. In desperation to stay relevant he joined BJP and BJP too had a compulsion they thought he was a known critic of Naveen Patnaik and so if they could use him and he could help them. Neither  they got any electoral benefit due to Dama babu nor Dama babu could get himself elected from the seat allotted to him by the party. So both sides were rather disappointed with the outcome so in a way it was inevitable," Sahu said.

The senior journalist remarked that since Rout is a veteran leader and his views will be still sought and he didn't think Rout will be joining BJD after facing the humiliation at this age.

However, another senior journalist Dillip Bisoi had a different opinion on Rout's resignation from the BJP.

"Breaking a relationship that is 40 years old is not that easy. Dama babu had joined the BJP out of anger under the prevailing circumstances then. Probably, he has realized that and has resigned from the BJP. Though Dama Babu has stated that he will stay away from electoral politics but the kind of personality he is he cannot stay away from politics," Bisoi said.

"I don't feel he is going to stay away from politics and if he ever feels of joining politics again he will be choosing the BJD but the big question is whether BJD will take him," he added.

Yet another senior journalist Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra has said that Rout much before announcing his resignation from BJP had given hints in the media of him being sidelined and ignored in the party.

"Though he had joined the BJP his soul was with the BJD. You can make it out from the statements on his resignation by the BJD office bearers. It's a matter of time and auspicious moment he is waiting for to join the BJD like the auspicious moment he had been waiting for to resign from the BJP just before the Bijepur by polls," Mohapatra commented.

Dillip Bisoi, Senior Journalist

Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra, Senior Journalist