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In Pursuit Of His Idol, He Did Not Marry: Meet This Unusual Superfan Of Naveen Patnaik

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17 March 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: If you drive by Naveen Niwas, you will notice an eccentric character standing there these days. Right before the polls, this man has decided to single-handedly boost the morale of his idol Chief Minister Naveen Patanik and has made the road in front of the CM’s house his second home. Dressed in all green symbolizing the Biju Janata Dal’s color and holding the party flag in his hand, Khagespar Deheri of Bargarh has been the superfan of Naveen for 18 years straight and this is his unusual story.

Deheri follows Naveen like a shadow to all his meetings. He is always present at the rallies, public events and inauguration ceremonies. Now, he has even reached Naveen’s doorstep. This might sound like a crazy obsessive fan, but he makes it clear that he is not. “I just want the Chief Minister’s love and blessings,” he says.

In pursuit of his idol, Deheri has always sported a unique hairstyle. During the Men’s Hockey World Cup that was held here in Kalinga Stadium, the hockey-noob got the word ‘Odisha’ styled on his head that was painted in Tricolor. Currently, his hair spells out ‘NAVEEN’ which clearly states that he wants to see his idol as the CM for the 5th term.

Describing Naveen as a man of actions not words, Deheri said, “He is the number 1 Chief Minister of Odisha. From mother’s womb till the funeral ground, his schemes cover everything. I want to make sure that he wins again with a huge margin.”

Standing in front of Naveen Niwas, Deheri makes it a point to encourage the political leaders aspiring for a BJD ticket. By clicking selfies and singing ballads in the praise of CM, Deheri is a complete one man show. “I used to run after MLAs and MPs to get my work done and now the tables have turned as they have surrendered at the feet of my God,” he boasted.

Such is his love and admiration for Naveen that Deheri did not get the time to marry. He had received a proposal but he turned it down when the girl asked him to compromise with his dedication towards the CM. Now, he has left his parents and family behind and has sacrificed his life to be the no.1 fan of Naveen.

“Good governance, simple clothes, same pair of slippers, a gentle hand wave to the public and a welcoming smile are the CM’s characteristics that have drawn me to him,” concluded Deheri and proceeded to click a selfie with a person who was looking at him curiously.

Before biding adieu to OMMCOM NEWS, the self-proclaimed political trend analyst Deheri predicted that BJD will win 145 out of 147 assembly seats in 2019. When asked who would bag the other two seats, he uttered, “The other parties can take those or else they will start crying.”

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Khagespar Deheri