Implement 5Ts In True Letter & Spirit, Ensure ‘Totally Citizen Centric Governance’: Odisha CM To Senior Officers

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Bhubaneswar: Addressing the senior officers’ meeting today at the State Secretariat here, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik laid utmost stress on implementing his 5Ts mantra (Technology, Teamwork, Transparency and Time leading to Transformation) in true letter and spirit in a bid to ensure totally citizen centric governance.

In his keynote address, Naveen Patnaik said, “A Government wins the trust of people by doing good work. A Government repeatedly enjoys the trust of people by sustained good works. I congratulate all of you for being part of the team doing good work for the State.”

He added, “We have now reached a certain stage in development and governance from where we should take a leap to the next level. People are aspirational and that should motivate us to provide effective services. This term I want to focus on employment and value addition on a big scale comparable to the best in the world….Australia....South Korea.... Singapore. Bold industrialisation and world class infrastructure. MSME clusters….Start Up Hubs.”

“Make our policies the best in the country in every sector in which we see potential. If the best State in the country is providing X Let's do X PLUS. Along with conducive micro climate,” the Odisha Chief Minister directed.  

He further instructed, “As regards services Government will make a paradigm shift, more and more towards self certification, we will trust the goodness of people than the integrity of our process. I want 5 Ts to be implemented in letter and spirit-Technology, Teamwork, Transparency and Time leading to Transformation. I want all of you to identify services and processes where in the first phase you want to implement 5 Ts. Preferably, wherever there is citizen interface.”

“CMO will directly monitor the implementation of 5Ts,” alerted the CM.

He also went on stressing, “The hallmark of good governance is citizen satisfaction and frankly you will all agree that there is huge scope for improvement.”

Citing instances of Health Department, feedback from patients admitted in Government hospitals, their level of satisfaction, Transport Department and  feedback from young people who get licences, Tahsil offices and the people’s experience there, development authorities and what the citizens feel, experience of rural housing beneficiaries with government and about experience of people at the Sub Registrar Offices, the Chief Minister stated, “All these offices exist for citizens – run with their money ….what is the level of citizen satisfaction in those offices? I want you to look at all services from the citizen’s point of view….Totally Citizen Centric Governance.”

“I write your Performance Appraisal Reports. People write my Performance Appraisal Report. I want a link between these two. Both of us have to be accountable. I sincerely mean it,” underlined the five-time Odisha Chief Minister.