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Humanity Shamed: People Busy Making Video As Accident Victims Cry In Pain On Roadside

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21 January 2019


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Kendrapara: For more than 2 hours, two grievously injured men were crying out in pain on the roadside but the onlookers just gaped at them and were busy taking video of the injured people instead of rushing them to the nearest hospital.

This shocking and deplorable incident was witnessed in the wee hours of Monday when an accident occurred between a bike and a truck near Hatitangi of Paradeep due to the dense fog. Both the persons on bike fell down and got critically injured. One of them had his leg crushed and was wailing in pain.

People gathered within moments to see them, but none came forward raising questions on the loss of humanity in today’s society. They were busy videographing the pain of the injured so that they could post it on their social media and garner likes making it viral.

The injured are identified as Ranjan Dash of Tikhiri village and Tapan Sahu of Chhedakani village in Mahakalpada of Kendrapada district.

People came, watched and even captured images and videos of the injured duo, but did not deem it necessary to rush them to the nearest hospital. Till the police reached the spot and took the injured persons to the hospital, the so-called rational beings had forgotten to be ‘human’ and extend a helping hand to the people in need.

A similar incident was witnessed in Jharsuguda two months back where a husband was holding his injured wife on road side waiting for help. But people had a busy time filming their pain rather helping them.

They projected the sadistic behaviour of virtual world (social media) which has engulfed the society nowadays. Have we forgotten to ‘Be Human.’

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Victim Finally Receiving Help