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How To Boost Attendance In A Rural School, Learn From Koraput's Dancing Teacher

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24 August 2019


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Koraput: In Taare Zameen Par, Aamir Khan is introduced to the students in a fun song-and-dance sequence that helps the little kids open up to him and the subject. This reel scene has turned into reality for children at Lamtaput Upper Primary School in Koraput where headmaster-in-charge Prafulla Kumar Pathi's unique style of teaching has won many hearts.

Pathi converts all his lessons on History, English and Odia to a song sequence. He puts hours in writing the songs and accompanies them with appropriate actions. As soon as he enters the classroom, he engages the students physically which ensures that they do not fall asleep during class and imbibe the knowledge imparted to them.

"I have been a teacher for over two decades now. In 2008, when I was employed with Sarva Sikshya Abhiyaan, I discovered that teaching should be made fun and not one-tone like textbook teaching. This is when I devised my mode of education," said Pathi.

Videos of Pathi that have gone viral on social media have been receiving a lot of praise. Rightly so, many have also pointed out that this fun and interactive method should be implemented in other schools.

This out-of-the-box thinking has definitely made its positive impact. "Students have fun during the classes and are more attentive. In rural schools, children usually stay absent or dropout before finishing primary education. But after this new way of teaching, I have seen a boost in attendance and the dropout rate has gone down," he said.

Sadly in India, most of the private schools have switched to digitally interactive modes of teaching. The teacher-student relationship is becoming more and more distant. But, Pathi ensures that this never happens in his classrooms. With his lively mode of teaching, he wants his students remember him as 'The Sir who changed our lives'.

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Prafulla Pathi, Headmaster-In-Charge, Lamtaput UP School