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How Does Bhubaneswar React To Union Budget 2019

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01 February 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: A political slugfest has already begun after Finance Minister Piyush Goyal announced the interim Union Budget 2019-20 today in Lok Sabha. While Opposition has termed it as BJP’s manifesto for Lok Sabha polls, it is interesting to see how the general public reacts to the tax sops as it will directly benefit them claimed the Government.

OMMCOM NEWS crisscrossed the streets of capital city and tried to gauge public opinion on tax exemption for individual annual incomes of Rs 5 lakh, direct income support of Rs 6,000 to farmers, and pension of Rs 3000 for workers in the unorganised sector.

On tax relaxation, Pradeep Kujur, assistant general manager of credit processing department said, “This was long overdue. From the time government came into power, nothing had been done for middle classes. We welcome this move. If you do the calculation, people are going to save over Rs 40,000. This is a big amount for middle class.”

On the pension scheme for unorganized sector, he said, “There was no system in place for social security. In other countries, unemployed people also get social security. Top rich people have as much wealth as bottom 50%, so this move makes sure that wealth is shared.”

A businessman Pradeep Ranjan Nayak had other worries. He said, “Since many years, we have been paying tax of Rs 2.5 lakh. This will not change. The entire budget has been made keeping only government employees in mind.”

However a professor AK Panigrahi said, “The middle class people are going to benefit a lot from this new decision. But, we had to wait a long time for this. It should have been done earlier. Anyway, this is a welcome change.”

Another Dr Kishore Padhi, senior citizen said, “Over the last 10 years, we had never seen such a budget. Minimum income support for farmers is a new concept and a historic move. Farming and agricultural activities will not be a problem anymore. Support for laborers will also boost the unorganized sector. Till now, general public used to think that Union Budget was only for corporate sector but today they have realized that they are in the purview too.”

One Surendra Brahma, works as a manager in construction sector said, “Earlier, people used to hide while filing their tax returns, now they won’t. Overall the budget is very good. The common man will definitely welcome this.”

Capital city resident GG Patnaik said, “The tax exemption limit is only short-lived. The step has been taken keeping in mind the immediate upcoming event (i.e elections). The step should have been taken earlier by keeping long-term prospective in view.”

“These initiatives should have been rolled out when the Government was voted to power. We also have to wait and watch that if there is a change in government, then how will the new leaders carry forward these schemes. This budget will only last for four months,” he concluded fiercely.

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