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Bhubaneswar: Social media jingoists are having a gala time dissuading the common people from buying anything Chinese this Diwali. Since China has problems with India's stand on Pakistan-based terrorism, a huge opinion has now been generated on social media to boycott the Chinese crackers and LED lights which were being used on a large scale to decorate the festival of lights, Diwali.

OMMCOM NEWS tried to find out the effect of the social media generated hype on the streets of capital city, Bhubaneswar.

"We have decided not to buy any Chinese products and believe people are really very unhappy with the Chinese support to Pakistan and they do not want to buy Chinese goods be it crackers or the other goods," said Chittaranjan Jena, a customer.

“What we want to encourage is the PM’s ‘Make in India’ concept, where the product should be manufactured in India for our buyers. If we buy Chinese products, we will be encouraging and boosting their economy. So, we should buy only Indian made crackers and lights,” according to Sujit Kumar Hajira.

“Chinese products are very cheap and beautiful so people fall in the trap. It is a very good initiative on the part of the social media which has made the common people aware of the facts,” he added.

Barely a month ago, the department of industrial policy and promotion, under the commerce ministry had issued a statement that possesion and sale of imported fire crackers were illegal. Though no country was named in the statement, the step was aimed at stopping the entry of Chinese crackers.

“There is a decline in the demand for the Chinese firecrackers and lights. After the anti-China sentiments surfacing on social media, the customers are avoiding Chinese products in the run-up to Diwali shopping,” informed Rati Kanta Das, a shopkeeper.

“The wholesalers are not bringing any Chinese products. So how can we acquire them. Moreover, people all around are talking of banning the Chinese products. They are mostly looking for Indian made crackers, and other decorative items,” informed Sukanta Kumar Sahoo, a retail shopkeeper.

Moreover, according to the experts, the firecrackers from China create severe pollution as they contain potassium chlorate, potassium chloride and sulfates, which on combustion release sulphur dioxide and nitrogen monoxide. Both byproducts are considered hazardous to health, contributing to a range of respiratory and pulmonary diseases. “I think it is a conspiracy of Chinese to pollute our environment. Therefore, we should boycott these firecrackers,” said another customer, Adikandha Behera.

“This kind of trend is a form of protest of the common men generated by the hostile attitude of China. It will definitely hit the economy of China. We are an emerging market ot Chinese products and a large percentage of trade with us is a temptation for China. The boycott of their products would hamper their economy,” according to Brahmanand Satpathy, HOD, Political Science, Utkal University

According to sources, China has strongly reacted to such kind of boycotts and said any such move will negatively impact the India bound investments from its enterprises and also the bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

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