Honesty Pays: Odisha Smart City Driver Hands Over Rs 49,500 Cash Bag Found In His Empty “Mo Bus”

27 June 2019


Bhubaneswar: Even though noted American author-cum-Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell has remarked “Man is a strange amalgam of both angelic and devilish qualities”, the age-old adage goes: “Man is a rational being.”

Since “Honesty is a rare virtue and pays eventually” as well as “Character maketh a man”, it bears not any social class, creed, colour or academic qualification, but humanity matters owing to a sensible head and kind heart.

A glaring case in point is the exemplary act of such a “Mo Bus” captain (driver), who has quintessentially made the name of the public transport system truly “Mo Bus” (my own bus).

The “Mo Bus” captain, identified as Biswanath Khatua, ensured in true letter and spirit that his family upbringing and social culture is least overridden by any Satanic vices of greed and temptation.

The caring and compassionate “Mo Bus” captain religiously made it sure that the forgotten treasure he found in his empty bus must be restored to its rightful owner. It was a bag full of cash to the tune of Rs 49,500.

Such a trait of honesty has been handsomely appreciated.

The incident occurred on Wednesday (June 26) when “Mo Bus” captain Biswanath Khatua stumbled upon a bag lying unattended while returning with his bus on Route No. 25 to Mancheswar terminal point. The incident took place at 9:00 am in the morning and Khatua followed up for 2 and half hours to return the money.

It can be mentioned here that the Route No. 25 of “Mo Bus” runs between Mancheswar and Dumduma and vice versa.

Kathua is the “Mo Bus” captain employed with Traveltime, a company engaged by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) agency of Government of Odisha. It operates city bus service between Twin City Bhubaneswar-Cuttack as well as pilgrim city Puri.