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Hear What Political Leaders & Intelligentsia Say On IAF’s Target On Pakistan Terror Camps

26 February 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the pre-dawn air strikes by the Indian Air Force (IAF) on terror camps in Pakistan in defence of our nation as well as avenging the dastardly Pulwama attack on February 14, reactions outpoured from the political leaders and intelligentsia in Odisha’s capital city here.

In his media reactions, BJP general secretary and Odisha-in-charge Arun Singh said, “One who threatens India and executes Pulwama like attack, retaliation is a must. Prime Ministerji has already stated that the terrorists and their bosses have committed a Himalyan blunder. And for this, such an action is today from India.”

Senior Congress leader Suresh Chandra Routray said, “I thank the Air Force chief on behalf of the people of Odisha as well as the Indians. He has done the best for the honour and dignity of India.”

“Today 300 soldiers of Pakistan have been killed. The attack is laudable. Ours is a big nation of 125 crore population. Pakistan is always threatening us. Hence, this action is beautiful. Congratulations. Pakistan is a small country. If we all the civilians land on its soil, they (Pakistanis) will all vanish. But, there is least chance of war,” he remarked.

In his reactions, veteran Indian diplomat Abasara Beuria said, “Post Pulwama, Prime Minister had stated that we’ll give a befitting reply. Thus, it is a befitting reply against terrorism.”

“The Government would certainly have taken all sorts of precautionary measures. Nothing to be scared of. Total readiness has been made. Government of India has definitely calculated on the short term and long term tactics. It’s high time all the political parties and whole nation should extend their support to the Government in this context,” the former Indian Ambassador opined.

Senior journalist Prabhukalyan Mohapatra said, “Today’s brave act by the IAF can certainly be termed as the outcome of the entire nation’s ire. The way the IAF has given a befitting reply, it has earned accolades from the whole nation. It had been a need since long.”

He argued, “Even though it took shape 12 days after (Pulwama attack), the action was executed by Government of India after making Pakistan an isolated country adopting diplomatic route and by taking the global powers into confidence.”

He further argued, “Such an action was necessary as Pakistan used to deny harbouring and sponsoring terrorism. Such acts are necessary till all the terror camps are obliterated there. India possesses nuclear bomb, but it has been made clear that the nuclear bomb won’t be used for military purpose. It will absolutely be used for constructive activities. But, Pakistan is a sheer irresponsible nation. It has also nuclear bomb. Hence, it all depends on Pakistan how it would use the nuclear bomb. However, we have taken all precautionary measures so that Pakistan couldn’t misuse its nuclear capability.”

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Arun Singh, BJP's Odisha-In-Charge

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Suresh Chandra Routray, Senior Congress Leader, Odisha

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Abasara Beuria, Former Indian Diplomat

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Prabhukalyan Mohapatra, Senior Journalist