Here's What Padma Shri Awardees Of Odisha Have To Say To Future Generation

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26 January 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Hard work and service to other pays in unimaginable ways, it was proved when three personalities from Odisha were selected to receive the prestigious Padmi Shri award this year.

The three, Kamala Pujari, Devarapalli Prakash Rao and Daitari Naik, though living a simple life have done some extraordinary works which have earned them fame.

Rao, who is a tea-seller, has been imparting education to slum children in Cuttack for over two decades. He is also running a primary school called ‘Asha o Aswasana’ for this purpose. He is also a regular blood donor at the SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack and also providing boiled water and milk free of cost to the patients and their attendants at the medical.

Rao's efforts have also been acknowledged and lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during one of his 'Mann Ki Baat' programme on May 28, 2018.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS after being selected for the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India, Rao said, "I have been doing my service for nearly five decades, as a tea-seller in the morning, teacher in the early noon and doctor in the afternoon. Within the journey of 54 years I was conferred with such an honour at this stage of life which proves that the time has changed."

In a message to the youths, Rao said, "There is no short-cut for success. If we work hard and give dedication to our work, there is an honest reward for them which is longstanding."

Rao gave the credit of the award to his forefathers. He informed that he has heard tales of his forefathers. His great grandfather was the manager of Utkal Tannery founded by Madhusudan Das.

Similarly, Daitari, a 70-year-old tribal man from Odisha's Keonjhar is also known as the Dashrath Manjhi of Odisha. He had single-handedly carved out a kilometre-long canal in a stream by breaking rocks to bring water to his village.

In his media reactions, Daitari said, “I’m elated for being awarded. The canal will brighten the future of our posterity apart from good farming.”

"Wherever there is possibility for water flow and sources, it needs to be tapped for irrigation purpose by digging such canal so that farming will be better. This self reliance should be realized and learnt by all, especially the future generation, instead of depending on other support," he added.

OMMCOM NEWS was unable to get reactions of Kamala Pujhari as she has been admitted to Koraput district headquarters hospital (DHH) after being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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D Prakash Rao, Padma Shri Awardee

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Daitari Naik, Padma Shri Awardee