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Here’s How Political Parties In Odisha React To The Gujarat Assembly Election’s Exit Poll Projections

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Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the Gujarat Exit Poll on Thursday projecting a stupendous victory to the incumbent BJP Government there against the high hopes of change nursed by Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party, Odisha unit Congress and BJP as well as ruling regional party BJD vented their views on the psephology.

In his reactions, senior MLA and Congress Chief Whip Tara Prasad Bahinipati said, “The way the youth mass, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, extended their support and cooperation to Rahul Gandhi there, it made the Prime Minister spend sleepless nights and compelled him to campaign in Gujarat persistently for a month. He had to canvass for votes door to door. It’s amazing and unprecedented.”

“Wherever the Prime Minister speaks, he harps on the same string of ‘Gujarat Model’. But during his Gujarat electioneering, he astonishingly remained mum on it for the last one month. It’s because the people know the fact there. Congress will definitely fare well. All the projections are rubbish,” the senior Congressman rebuffed.

Odisha BJP MLA Pradeep Purohit said, “All exit poll projections hint at BJP retaining government in Gujarat. But we are hopeful of more seats than projected. The Gujarat assembly election result will also have its impact on Odisha. People of Odisha are wishing for an alternative to Naveen Babu’s government and BJP has already proved itself that desired alternative.”

“During the last 18 years, Naveen Babu has failed to develop Odisha. Youth mass unemployed, farmers committing suicide, no irrigation facility, neither teachers nor doctors in the rural belt. The entire administration has derailed. People of Odisha pin firm faith in Narendra Modi. All these will influence the 2019 elections here,” the BJP MLA stated optimistically.

However, veteran BJD leader Damodar Rout remarked, “Not a single exit poll projection had then said that Mayawati would get defeated, but Samajwadi Party formed the government instead. In the 2009 assembly election here in Odisha (Pyari Mohan Mohapatra was alive then), an exit poll agency made a power point demo before the Chief Minister. I was also present. It predicted I will get defeated (Paradip is trailing). Even for Kalpataru Das the same projection, Dharmashala is also trailing. But all proved wrong. I had enquired them about the method of their exit poll projection. When I further enquired if it was conducted randomly, pat came the reply yes. But, the outcome is well known to all.”

“Hence, the Gujarat exit poll is least linked and concerned with Odisha voting pattern,” quipped the experienced politician.

Notably, five of the seven exit polls reflect a clear advantage for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is heading towards a significant victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017. On the other hand, six exit polls predict Congress’ loss in the saffron party’s bastion.

Almost all the major exit polls predict more than 100 seats for the BJP in Gujarat, comfortably above the 92-seat majority mark in the 182-seat Assembly.

• Sahara Samay-CNX: BJP will retain power in Gujarat, predicts 110-120 seats for BJP and 65-75 seats for Congress

• Times Now Exit Poll: Gave a region-wise breakup for Gujarat with a total of 119 seats for BJP and 70 for the Congress

• Republic TV: Predicts BJP will lead with 108 seats, Congress to get 74 seats in Gujarat

• India Today-My Axis Poll: Predicts close chase in Gujarat for BJP with 99 to 113 seats and between 68 and 82 seats for the 132-year-old Indian National Congress

• ABP News-CSDS Exit Poll: BJP-117, Congress- 64, Others -02

• News 24-Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll: BJP- 135 (+/-11), Congress- 47(+/-11)

• NDTV Poll of polls: BJP- 112, Congress- 70, Others – 0

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Tara Prasad Bahinipati, Congress Chief Whip, Odisha

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Pradeep Kumar Purohit, MLA, BJP, Odisha

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Damodar Rout, Vice-President, BJD