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Here Are Some Dos And Don’ts For A Safe Diwali

07 November 2018


Bhubaneswar: The Festival of Lights- Diwali, is notoriously known to cause serious damage to the society by contributing to air and noise pollution along with affecting health of several people. However, the excitement for this festival will remain synonymous with happiness, but a little bit of caution can help many.

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent directives on ensuring a Green and Safe Diwali, here are some steps you should take to ensure a truly ‘Happy Diwali’:

1: Adhere to the apex court’s directives on the timing restrictions of bursting crackers between 8-10pm. It will not only reduce pollution but will also ensure less damage to your ears and skin.

2: Buy green crackers from a licensed shop and read the safety instructions written on the packets. Do remember to read the instructions printed on the label of cracker, especially if the cracker is new to use.

3: Always supervise children while burning crackers. They should not be left alone lest they get careless.

4: Don’t wear synthetic or silk cloth while bursting crackers. Wear fitted cotton clothes as it reduces the chances of getting injured. Wear footwear while lighting fireworks.

5: Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket. They're explosives and can go off prematurely even if they're not lit.

6: While bursting crackers, tie your hair properly, especially if you have long hair.

7: Elders and pets should not be exposed to fire crackers as high levels of noise and air pollution traumatises them. People with any kind of respiratory problems must stay indoors.

8: If the noise of crackers is deafening, put cotton plugs in your ears to avoid damage.

9: Burst crackers in an open space and make sure that there is no combustible substance around.

10: Keep the ‘Diyas’ and candles away from flammable materials.

11: Use candle and long sticks for lightning crackers and don't light a cracker while holding it in your hands.

12: Don’t attempt to relight a dud. It could still go off and have even less of a wick. Let it sit for several minutes and then douse it with water.

13: Keep buckets of water, sand and blankets as precautionary measures in case of any accident.

14: Burst crackers and aerial fireworks in open spaces away from wires, electricity poles, and other inflammable materials.

15: Keep first aid box with you to treat any minor injury and emergency numbers ready in case of any accident.

16: Dispose used crackers safely and properly by soaking them in a bucket of water before disposal. And don't try to relight firecrackers which did not light for the first time.

Make this Diwali a ‘Happy Diwali’ for your family, friends and the people living around you. It is time to celebrate Diwali responsibly and make it a joyous one.

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