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In Chilling Cold, Helping The Homeless Could Be The Best New Year Gift

31 December 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Today marks the last day of 2019 and while the city with its denizens is prepping for New Year revelries, there are several in the city who are simply worried regarding how to survive the night.

The State is witnessing one of the coldest winters this year and while we are huddled up under blankets at night, several others are braving the chilly weather out in open.

Ommcom News took a firsthand account of the many people in the smart city who are forced to spend their wintery nights in open. It is important to note here that Bhubaneswar does boast of about nine shelter homes.

In his late thirties, Rabindra Muduli with his wife and a toddler have been forced to brave the cold as the shelter home at Baramunda Bus stand was closed from inside. Upon inspecting, our correspondent noted that the shelter home hardly housed 4-5 people when it can close to 100. It was also locked from inside.

We spoke to several others who were stuck in Baramunda bus stand while on transit. In different words, they all voiced the same. The fact that the shelter home was closed and they had nowhere else to go was evident from their stories.

The Jaydev Vihar and Khandagiri Bari shelter homes were brimming with people. Several others could be seen sleeping in the open right outside.

Taking a tour of the Capital city, we noted people bundled up under bridges and trees, on fly-overs, even on Mo Cycle stands. Covered with basic quilts, their plight was distressing.

The best way to cash in the New Year could be to find a way to help these helpless. It could range from giving them cooked food, clothes, woollens, quilts to making sure that they have a roof over their heads. This could be the best New Year gift.