Jaynarayan Pankaj posted as DIG STF Bhubaneswar

As Heat Wave Strikes Odisha, Know How People Are Feeling Restless

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27 April 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Summer is here and Odisha is feeling the pinch of it. As temperature is soaring, Bhubaneswar denizens are bracing themselves to face the brunt of peak summer. The morning hours see a huge beeline in front of fruit juice stalls, and during noon the roads become relatively empty. As people are feeling restless, OMMCOM NEWS caught up with some citizens to gauge their mood.

Jageswar Singh, who wiped off sweat from his forehead said, “I always leave the house with a wet cloth on head and I also keep a water bottle handy. I feel like sitting in my AC car all day long and never leave the vehicle as it is simply unbearable outside. Fresh coconut water is my go-to refreshment drink.”

Another Mitu Pradhan, who shirt was covered in sweat patches said, “I cannot leace my house without my sunglasses. It has become a necessity for me. Over last 3-4 days, there has been no wind, only loo. It is humid and irritating. On top of that, the refreshment drinks are also becoming costlier.”

Bus stand supervisor Sibrama Patra explained the plight of commuters. He said, “The passengers are really suffering. They are getting restless and are fighting for seats. We have instructed all bus drivers to stop at every sugarcane and coconut vendor.”

“It is not possible to get out after 10 am and senior citizens are the one who suffer the most,” he added.

Young student Sudhasubala Swain always has her handkerchief ready to wipe away the sweat. “My body is aching and I get dehydrated and drained out very soon. I feel like not wanting to go to College and bunk classes instead,” she chuckled.

Adding to the denizens' woes, the Met department has already issued a heat wave warning for parts of Odisha. Looks like, the State is in for a sizzling, sweaty summer ahead.