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Guardian Blames College Authorities For Female Engg Student's Suicide

03 January 2020

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: The female engineering student who committed suicide yesterday was under depression for a very long time over an incident which had occurred in the college hostel around four months back, said her local guardian Sunadha Mandal on Friday.

Mandal informed that the deceased, a native of Tripura, had been thrown out of the college hostel. Even after she and the deceased's father requested the authorities they did not allow the girl to stay there.

The incident made her upset, besides, college authorities raised fingers on her behaviour and character, added Mandal. She held the college responsible for her death stating the conduct of the college authorities towards the deceased was not acceptable. She demanded to know how and why did it occur.

Mandal claimed that the girl was not weak, she was jolly but the incident had changed her completely. It was Rahul, the male friend of the deceased, who had supported her after she was thrown out of the college hostel.

Even Rahul, who had found the girl hanging from the fan in her hostel room yesterday, informed that she was under depression over some family, financial and personal matters. It was an argument between them that triggered her to commit suicide.

On the day of the incident, Rahul had asked the girl to call him to have lunch together at the college. When the girl called him, he was asleep and unable to receive the call.

The girl was upset over it and when Rahul called her back, she blamed herself for bothering him and disconnected the call after saying goodbye. When she did not reply further calls Rahul rushed to her hostel and tried to call her again but found her phone switched off.

Following it, Rahul made a desperate plea to the security guard of her hostel to call the girl downstairs. He even called the hostel owner but got a reply only after an hour. Finally, when Rahul was able to get inside the hostel, the girl had already committed suicide.

Sunadha Mandal, Local Guardian

Rahul, Friend