Four More Pairs Of Summer Special Trains To Run Under ECoR Jurisdiction

06 April 2019


Bhubaneswar: Apart from earlier notified 11 pairs of Summer Special Trains, Ministry of Railways has planned to run four more such trains from and through East Coast Railway (ECoR) jurisdiction.

These trains are Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad-Bhubaneswar AC Summer Special, Shalimar-Puri-Shalimar Special, Kacheguda-Visakhapatnam-Kacheguda Special & Hyderabad-Srikakulam Special Train.

Earlier, ECoR announced for running of Puri-Santragachhi (Howrah)-Puri Special, Puri-Habibganj-Puri Special, Sambalpur-Shalimar-Sambalpur Special, Raigarh-Sambalpur-Raigarh Special, Sambalpur-Banaswadi-Sambalpur Special, Puduchery-Santragachhi-Puduchery Special, Chennai-Santragachhi-Chennai Special, Kacheguda-Tata-Kacheguda Special, Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Special, Visakhapatnam-Tirupati-Visakhapatnam Special and Visakhapatnam-Kacheguda/Tirupati Special during summer season.

These apart, a number of Special Trains have been planned to ply between different destinations of the country through East Coast Railway jurisdiction during this summer with additional berths. Important regular trains have been planned to be augmented with additional coaches during the period by creating additional berths.

Shalimar-Puri-Shalimar AC Special (08037/08038) from Shalimar will leave at 23:55 hrs on every Friday between April 5 to June 28, 2019 and from Puri will leave at 23:55 hrs on every Saturday between April 6 and June 29, 2019.

Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad-Bhubaneswar AC Special (08407/08408) from Bhubaneswar will leave at 13:20 hrs on every Thursday between April 11 and June 27, 2019 and from Secunderabad will leave at 21:30 hrs on every Friday between April 12 and June 28, 2019.

Kacheguda-Visakhapatnam-Kacheguda Special (07148/07147) from Kacheguda will leave at 18:45 hrs on every Sunday between April 14 and June 30, 2019 and from Visakhapatnam will leave at 19:45 hrs on every Monday between April 15 and July 1, 2019.

Hyderabad-Srikakulam-Hyderabad Special (07026/07025) from Hyderabad will leave at 23:00 hrs on April 10, 2019 and from Srikakulam will leave at 13:50 hrs on April 11, 2019.