Forgotten Odisha Ex-MLA, -MP Anirudha Dipa's Kin Living In Poverty

23 October 2019


Boudh: While politicians today and their family members are living a lifestyle dreamt by many, similar is not the case with the kin of former MLA/MP Anirudha Dipa.

Though being the MLA of Boudh Assembly constituency in 3rd Odisha Legislative Assembly from 1961-67 and MP of Phulbani in 4th Lok Sabha from 1967-1971, Anirudha preferred to stay a simple lifestyle and work for the society.

He earned respect through his lifetime but did not accumulate any wealth for him or his family members. After his demise, his son also died of a kidney ailment leaving Anirudha's daughter-in-law, granddaughter and two grandsons who are struggling to make ends meet.

Living in a thatched house in Jabalpur village under Harbhanga block of Boudh district, Anirudha's daughter-in-law Premajini Dipa is to depend on widow pension of Rs 500 and five kg rice every month to feed her family.

Her daughter Sangeeta Dipa has reached a marriageable age but poor financial condition is creating a major hurdle. Even her two sons had to leave their studies mid-way and are now working as bonded labourers outside Odisha to generate a livelihood.

Intellectuals are baffled as how many governments and public representatives have forgotten the family of the late leader for over four decades. They have opined that though not as kin of a politician but Anirudha's family should receive some benefits entitled to a common citizen.

Sangita Dipa, Grand Daughter

Premajini Dipa, Dautghter-In-Law