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First Ever In Odisha: Cuttack SCB Medical Team Conducts Successful ‘Gender Conversion’ Operation

17 May 2019

Bikash Sharma

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Cuttack: It’s true that ‘sex change’ or ‘gender conversion’ as per the medical science parlance is breaking news in our country as well as abroad. But, its successful operation in Odisha and that too at the SCB Medical College and Hospital here is claimed to be rare in the State and first time ever.

Yesterday, a 19-year-old well-educated boy has undergone the 9-10 hours long sophisticated surgery here at the premier medical college and hospital of our State.    

Briefing media, SCB Medical College & Hospital Plastic Surgery Department’s head Prof Dr Arun Kumar Choudhury said, “It was an extremely rare operation as lot of planning had to be done. This type of operation has not been done anywhere in Odisha. It is normally done in Delhi and Mumbai.”

“It would be unjust to reveal the name of the patient who underwent the successful sex change operation yesterday. The patient is highly qualified and was Delhi-based earlier. All sorts of sophisticated gene tests were conducted. Finally, our committee decided for the ultimate gender conversion operation.”

Narrating the case history, Prof Choudhury recounted, “When this patient approached us one and half years ago and urged for going in for transformation from male to female, we tried to convince a lot about the repercussions. But, the desperate patient stressed on being a female or else had made up his mind to take a drastic step.”

“We have our certain guidelines for such case of gender conversion. We undertook various tests, formed a committee comprising experts from our different departments. We conducted a hormonal therapy one and half years ago. Gradually, the residual male marks on the body got changed. Then we conducted detailed MRI free of cost and sent the report to the Psychiatry Department. They formed a committee and decided for the conversion,” the Plastic Surgery head informed.

On being queried about the challenges faced during the operation, the Plastic Surgeon replied, “So far challenges are concerned, it is extremely time-consuming as every female organ has to be created at one go of the operation. The operation can’t be done repeatedly. It means the duration of the operation spans to 9-10 hours. Hence, administering anesthesia for such a long period is also a big challenge. Next big challenge is achieving a refinement surgery as every organ and limbs to match. Also arrangement of tissues was another big challenge. All the male tissues were converted into female organs. Even we removed those male organs which could have been problematic after gender conversion.”

Prof Choudhury further informed, “Myself, our department’s Assistant Professor Dr Prithwiraj Singh, Dr Satyanarayan Routray, Dr Rosalin Mishra, Dr Chandan Mohapatra, made a team. Mainly a team of our Plastic Surgery Department was involved in the operation, also from Anesthesia Department like Prof HOD Dr Routray, Dr Sanjeev. We were all result-oriented.”

“The patient is a 19-year-old boy. Some of his organs were of a male and we have to convert them to a female. We were all satisfied at the operation table. The final result will be known after a week or two and we can claim the extent of our success story,” remarked the beaming Plastic Surgeon. 

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Prof Dr Arun Kumar Choudhury, Head Of Plastic Surgery Department, SCB Medical College & Hospital