Fire Entry Suit, Gas Based Sprinkler System To Be Introduced By Odisha Fire Services

27 February 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Modern fire-fighting equipment such as fire entry suits and gas based sprinkler systems are to be introduced by the Odisha Fire Services from this year, informed DG Bijay Kumar Sharma during a one-day conference of Senior Fire Officers of the State organized by Odisha Fire and Disaster Response Academy (OFDRA) in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday.

Addressing mediapersons, Sharma said that Odisha Fire Service is luckily a well-equipped institution with no lack of equipments and funding. The major challenge is only the training required for use and maintenance of the equipments. The Fire Department will address this issue soon, he added.

He further informed that the Odisha Fire Service is a huge department with a fire station in every block. In total 336 fire stations are functional in Odisha and fire personnel from Odisha have already proved their mettle in Kerala and Meghalaya.

On being asked about use of modern equipments by the Fire Department, Sharma said, "There are gas-based sprinkling fire-extinguishers which douse flames without use of water as many times applying of water might cause more damage to property than fire. We are planning to bring in such equipments. We will introduce a fire-entry suit for the first time this year, by wearing the gear a fireman can walk into the fire without any damage to him."

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Bijay Kumar Sharma, DG, Fire Services, Odisha