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Bhubaneswar Fire Dept Conducts Inspection, Finds Most Pvt Hospitals Lacking Comprehensive Safety Measures

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Bhubaneswar: To ensure fire safety in buildings with high occupancy, Odisha Fire Department on Tuesday put its lens on private hospitals and clinical establishments in Bhubaneswar after thorough inspection in coaching institutes last month.

To conduct checks, teams of six fire officers were sent to the following hospitals: Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital, Utkal Institute of Medical Science, SUM Hospital, Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Apollo Hospital, AMRI Hospital, Kalinga Hospital, Care Hospital, Vivekananda Hospital, Sunshine Hospital, Sparsh Hospital, Kar Clinic, Neelachal Hospital, Shree Hospital and Jagannath Hospital.

Maheswar Swain, Chief Fire Officer, Bhubaneswar said, “Fire services personnel inspected the fire safety measures at hospitals in 15 major private hospitals. The main aim was to understand whether there is awareness and preparedness among the doctors, patients, attendants and workers to fight fire mishap.”

Inspection broadly revealed that many of these infrastructures did not have complete and comprehensive fire safety measures. "In some places, fire extinguishers are available but few other equipments are necessary to be installed. Electrical panel boards have been installed below staircases which enhances the risk to fire," a press release added.

Most of the corridors of hospitals have been blocked by stocking of unused articles. Many hospitals have turned their basements into godown posing high risk to the lives of inmates. Good housekeeping which plays a vital role in fire safety was also not found in several hospitals.

During the course of inspection, the fire service personnel also sensitized the staff, doctors, attendants and security personnel for adopting required fire safety measures and gave them useful tips about safe escape during fire emergency. Demonstration in the use of fire equipment was also organized for the benefits of the inmates. 

“We checked if all fire equipments are working properly. We also made them aware on how to keep themselves and the patients safe. We also sensitized them to conduct frequent evacuation drills and check all equipments time-to-time,” Swain added.

Hospitals where loopholes or negligence was found, a notice was served to them to comply with the directives of Fire Safety department within a fixed period of time. “If the hospitals do not meet the terms, then strict action will be taken,” he added.

It is notable to mention here that a fire had broken out in Apollo Hospital this February. Prior to that, the SUM hospital fire tragedy in 2016 had claimed over 25 lives.

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Maheswar Swain, Chief Fire Officer, Bhubaneswar