Fani Leaves Irreparable Scar On Odisha's Green Cover

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Bhubaneswar: More than 20 lakh fully grown trees have been uprooted by cyclone Fani which struck Odisha on May 3. While the loss to the green cover of Puri and Khurda districts are irreparable, the Forest and Environment Department is working out a strategy to save the partially-uprooted sylvan.

"The damage is difficult to fathom. It will take more than two decades to get back what we have lost in Puri, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack," Forest and Environment Department Minister, Bijayshree Routray said.

"Our immediate focus is to breathe life into those trees which are still attached to the roots. These trees can survive with proper and timely care till the monsoons arrive," he added.

Besides, the Department is also mulling on planting cyclone-resistant trees, as they start with plantation activities in large scale. "I have also suggested to plant bushes between the separation of two trees, or medians so that maximum greenery can be revived, in a shorter duration," Routray added.

As per preliminary assessment, not much damage has been caused to the wildlife of the affected places. However, the animals and birds are missing the shady trees during the summer. "We are planning to make an alternative arrangement for the birds and animals to rest, in zoo and sanctuaries," the Minister added.

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Bijayshree Routray, Forest and Environment Department Minister, Odisha