Fani Aftermath: Odisha Fire Services Personnel Volunteer Water Supply In Cyclone-Affected Areas

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07 May 2019


Bhubaneswar: Odisha Fire Services personnel are playing a crucial role in bringing back the life into the city of Bhubaneswar which withstood a devastating calamity in form of Fani.

The Firemen were the first to rush for clearing the roads which were ravaged with uprooted trees. Their efforts continue since Friday evening.

These teams, apart from attending the call of duty with punctuality and dedication, have also engaged themselves into voluntary service.

Fire services personnel were seen supplying water to the cyclone affected people of Bhubaneswar by using the equiment and engines used in fire-fighting.

The water distribution carried out by the Firemen brought relief to slum-dwellers of Mahishakhal, Unit I, Budheswsri Colony and Mali Sahi here.

Water was supplied in six water tenders to hundreds in these areas on Tuesday. "A public service of this sort by Fire Services personnel was first in Bhubaneswar. Water was also distributed in various places at Puri including Nolia Sahi and Bali sahi," a senior officer of Odisha Fire Services said.