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Election Fashion: BJP's Lotus & BJD's Conch Symbols Now Fight It Out On Clothes

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26 March 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: Elections are the democratic fabric of India- symbolically and even literally. Like each thread is woven to form a complete attire, each vote is woven together to form the country's Government every five years. While surveys are busy predicting the mood of the nation, people's clothes have started giving a very clear sense of the atmosphere prevailing in this Election season.

It was first noted in West Bengal where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fighting tooth and nail to bring down Trinamool Congress' bastion. Last week, sarees decked with BJP's lotus symbol were seen giving a tough competition to sarees with TMC's symbol of twin flowers. The nine-yard attire has joined the brigade of caps, t-shirts and other campaign material selling like hot cakes in West Bengal. Shopkeepers have been busy to supply these innovative textile goods.

Sarees with Modi's face are also being put up in the windows of the shops to lure the supporters in Mumbai. NaMo merchandise with 'Main Bhi Chowkidaar' branding has also hit the online stores and are selling fast.

Odisha too, is not far behind in the race of election fashion.

In Biju Janata Dal's (BJD) party headquarters today, women were seen donning a green saree with conch sells on it. Matching with the theme of 'Ghare Ghare Sankha' (conch shell in every home), these women reached the party office to submit the boxes filled with opinions of people that are to be incorporated in BJD's manifesto.

The women carried the sarees gracefully while clearly making a political yet fashionable statement. BJD leader Biswabandana Jena said, "We got the sarees made from Cuttack in Rs 250-300. 50 of us wore this attire and visited every house in 54 panchayats to show the people how much we love the party."

With election tensions now being worn on the sleeves, the run up to the polls will definitely prove to be an interesting show.

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Biswabandana Jena, BJD Leader

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Renubala Satpathy, BJD Leader