Egyptian Onions Fall Out Of Flavour, Indian Bulb To Rule Market In Fortnight

28 December 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: While the onions imported from Egypt failed to cater to the needs of consumers in Odisha, the bulb cultivated at parts of the country is to be available in the local market within a fortnight.

President of Odisha Byabasai Mahasangha (OBM), Sudhakar Panda, said that onions from any country are inferior in comparison with quality of their Indian counterpart. As the average weight of the Egyptian Onion is 400 to 800 grams consumers are hesitant to buy it.

However, Panda added that the onion crop is almost ready for harvesting at its places of cultivation in the country such as Lasalgaon in Nashik, Kurnool and Tadepalligudem in Andhra Pradesh, etc.

Meanwhile, adverse weather condition is a hurdle in drying of the crop. After return of favourable conditions the Indian onions will reach the markets and the price of the bulb will come to the Rs 20 to Rs 30 range within a fortnight.

Panda further said there would have been no hike in prices of onions if the Government had imported it during the time of deficit in Kharif season.

As the Egyptian Onions were imported in December when its Indian counterpart is almost ready to return to the market, the former lost its demand and consumers were not able to benefit from it.

Sudhakar Panda, President, Odisha Byabasai Mahasangha