Ease Of Moving Index: Bhubaneswar Ranks Second In Public Transport Reliability

02 November 2018


Bhubaneswar: India’s first Ease Of Mobility Index places smart city Bhubaneswar at the second position in terms of public transport reliability in the entire country.

Prepared by the Ola Mobility Institute, the report was released by Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways, Shipping and Water Resources Nitin Gadkari on Thursday. According to the report, 77 per cent residents felt that the state of mobility in Bhubaneswar has improved over the last five years.

Meanwhile 67 per cent respondents in Bhubaneswar found public transport affordable and reasonable, 94 per cent said they were aware of Public Information System.

In Bhubaneswar, public transport accounts for 35 per cent of commuters while 44 percent use personal vehicles, stated reports. The smart city has also been placed in the league of seven promising cities along with Jammu, Jabalpur, Kohima, Nanded, Mysuru and Vijaywada.

"This report has important information that can help public stakeholders, city administrators and city planners in making smarter decisions to address pollution, congestion, and safety, and in building dynamic solutions to improve mobility for citizens at large," Gadkari said during the release.

Kolkata ranked first in terms of affordability of public transport and 80 per cent of its commuters felt that it was reasonable and affordable while Delhi's transport has been found to be most comfortable.

The 'Mobility Index' was based on a survey of 43,000 respondents from 20 cities and quantified the responses on five parameters: scale, character, culture, economy and geography. The Index claimed that over 80 per cent of the respondents believe that urban transport has improved over the last five years and nearly as many believed that by 2030 electric vehicles could replace conventional ones.

(With IANS Inputs)