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Dutee Chand To Sue Papu Pom Pom

20 August 2019


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Bhubaneswar: What started with a misogynistic film poster has now become a full-blown war between Dutee Chand and Papu Pom Pom!

On Friday, a film poster surfaced on social media that features comedian Papu Pom Pom controlling seven girls on a leash. Rightly, Dutee pointed out the sexism in a Facebook post calling the poster 'disrespectful towards women' and it all started from there.

After Dutee's post was widely shared and Papu as well as the film producers received flak for the concept, the comedian released a video clarifying that the poster was fan-made and the film was not at all sexist.

What should have ended there went a step further when a leading news channel played an audio tape in which Papu blamed Dutee for ruining Odia culture and tradition as she was a lesbian. He said something along the lines of Dutee being a 'danger to the girls'.

Not able to stand the disrespect, Dutee took to Facebook to express her anger and has threatened to knock the doors of police. She has alleged human rights violation, defamation and mental harassment by Papu Pom Pom.

"He has attacked me and my family. I have clarified that I have no problems with him on a personal level. So, he should not attack me personally. As I am recognised in international level now, these comments hurt me and my image," she said.

It is now to be seen that who has the last word in this fight!

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