Driving License, Vehicle Papers On DigiLocker, mParivahan Valid: Odisha Transport Commissioner

10 October 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: Driving license, certificate of registration or any other vehicle related documents presented through Digilocker or mParivahan platform will be at par with the original documents, informed Odisha Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda on Thursday.

In a letter to all concerned authorities, Panda stated that as per the directions of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRT&H) the digital platforms like Digilocker or mParivahan have already been recognized as verified authenticated digital documents provider applications.

"MoRT&H has already made the necessary amendments in Rule 139 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 for enabling citizens to produce documents information such as certificate of registration, insurance, fitness, permit, driving license, certificate for pollution under check and any other related documents, if required, in physical or electronic form on demand by an officer in uniform or any other officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf," the letter read.

Panda informed that a Standard Operating Procedure in this regard had been issued by the Ministry on December 17, 2018 for validation of the above documents presented in electronic form through IT or mobile app platform and it should be adopted.

He further stated that in case a citizen is unable to show the digital copy or information on Digilocker or mParivahan app the enforcement agency can verify the details of DL and RC on their m-Parivahan app or e-challan app.

Panda has asked the concerned authorities to allow the citizens to produce documents information in both physical and electronic form and follow the direction of the Ministry meticulously.