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27 January 2020

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: The Health & Family Welfare Department of the Odisha government has issued an IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) leaflet on Dos & Dont's with regard to novel coronavirus.

The department has asked the general public to contact the State Public Health Control Room Officer on phone no. 0674-2390466 or 9439994857 for getting any information on coronavirus infection.

The department has requested that if anyone has travelled to China on or after January 1 should immediately go for a health check-up at the nearest district headquarters hospital, Government Medical College or Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar if he/she suffers from fever, cough or has difficulty in breathing.

The IEC uploaded at the Health & Family Welfare department's Facebook page reads 'Be Aware and Stay Safe from Coronavirus Infection'.

1. Wash your hands properly with soap.

2. While coughing and sneezing cover your face with a handkerchief.

3. Stay away from people suffering from cough and cold.

4. Do boil meat and eggs properly before eating.

5. Take precautions while coming in contact with farm or wild animals.

"This coronavirus in the first seven days will behave like general cold. The patient will have cold, cough and fever. Its symptoms will be very much like the fever one has due to influenza, typhoid, viral fever, dengue, etc. But towards the second week, the patient is likely to develop pneumonia which is under our serious consideration," informed Dr CBK Mohanty, Director of Medical Education & Training (DMET) addressing a presser on 'Sensitization Regarding Novel Coronavirus' at the National Health Mission (NHM) Conference Hall here today.

The DMET said that patients infected with coronavirus may need ICU (intensive care unit) care since they can develop pneumonia, their kidneys and heart can get affected though rarely, and even patients can get into shock after developing sepsis.

"To date there is no medication available for coronavirus. There is no scope for giving specific treatment anywhere in the world. Patients can be only given symptomatic treatment. So Odisha government has facilities for providing symptomatic treatment. So we have developed four centres by giving specific importance even with ICU care," he informed.

Dr Mohanty said that the department has three plans to handle the situation.

"One person doesn't have any symptoms but he/she suspects that he/she has contracted the virus. In this case, we will advise him/her for home surveillance. The person will stay at his/her home; we will keep his/her address details and do periodical surveillance on him for 14 days. If he/she develops symptoms we will get him to the hospital. In the hospital the patient will be isolated and test will be conducted.

And those who have symptoms and we suspect that they could have been infected; we will get them to the hospital and keep them in the isolation ward.

There is very little chance of test-positive cases visiting us. In case that happens, we will keep the patient in the treatment room, provide ICU if required," he explained.

"Though not much is known about this virus as they are doing in China as a precaution we should do the same as using masks, washing hands, quarantine suspected cases, etc," said renowned physician Dr Indramani Jena.

Dr. CBK Mohanty, Director, DMET, Odisha

Dr Indramani Jena, Renowned physician