Do 'Elite' Citizens Of Smart City Know Why Is Republic Day Celebrated? You Will Be Amused To Know Their Answers

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26 January 2018

Tapan Das

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Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of 69th Republic Day of our country, OMMCOM NEWS reporter crisscrossed the venue of the parade ground to gather the intelligentsia’s awareness of this celebration. As the background reverberated with patriotic song, he banged a few questions to the people there who had come to witness the extravaganza.

Why is Republic Day Celebrated?

Some people simply evaded the question whereas some just had their own answers to this simple question.

According to Ranjan, “Republic Day is always celebrated after Independence Day and we celebrate it to uphold our unity and integrity.

Another denizen simply said that we celebrate this day as we are happy and we celebrate our Republic Day.

“It is celebrated as brave fighters fought for our independence,” said Biswa, an accountant.

‘Saadharantantra Diwas (Republic Day) is celebrated in a ‘saadharan’ (ordinary) manner,” said Minati Bisoi, a housewife.

“Republic Day is celebrated as we got independence in 1947,” informed Aparajita Mahapatra, an aspirant for banking exams.

Itishree, student started with a zeal to answer the ‘difficult’ question only to find herself in a fix unable to find words for answering it. So she evaded it.

Pinky made the optimum showcase of her knowledge.”As we celebrate Independence Day since 1947, we also started celebrating Republic Day soon after that. So, we are celebrating it every year.”

As all brave soldiers of our country..........I don’t know much,” answered Kiran Sahu, a smart engineering student.

A couple of denizens saved the day. They correctly said that the Constitution came into force that day giving a reason to celebrate. Amazingly, many of the so-called elite group of people could not even remember the name of their first President and the present President.

While some are still stuck with Dr Pranab Mukherjee, some name Narendra Modi as the present President.

While some named Jawaharlal Nehru as the first President, some backed out as if a very tough question has been bowled to them. Suchismita, a well-adorned housewife tried hard to remember the name but was unable to do so whereas Aparajita, preparing for her banking examinations racked up her brains but was unable to speak out the name. There were some people who simply left the place without answering out of shame, and some who shameless stood without being able to answer a single question correctly.

On Independence Day, OMMCOM NEWS had bombarded the question to name the President. But it had come across some amusing answers then also.

Very less has been changed over these months as the smart people of the smart city still have to go long way to demonstrate their smartness in nationalism.

When the whole country is burning under the wrath of so-called social watchdogs on the release of Bollywood movie ‘Padmavaat’ fighting for the honour of their ancestral royal family, the present generation still have to go a long way to imbibe an educational awareness regarding patriotism and nationalism.

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