Disciplinary Action Against Servitors On Delaying Rituals: Puri Jagannath Temple Management Committee

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29 January 2019


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Puri: The Jagannath Temple Management Committee has decided to act against servitors who delay in the conduct of rituals. After the temple management committee meeting today, Chief Administrator Pradipta Mohapatra informed that if a servitor delays the rituals three times he would be dismissed.

The management would soon release and promote the commemorative coin for Jagannath Temple. Besides, an agarbatti factory would be started in Puri, in collaboration with ITC.

The much discussed, 'Mahaprasad' rate chart has been drafted and handed over the the Mahasuar Nijog for review. The rate chart is likely to be enforced in the next Managment Committee meeting.

Among other matters discussed today, holy kitchen's regulations, identity cards and Jagannath Temple reforms held significance, Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, Chief Administrator, Pradip Mohapatra said.

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Pradipta Mohapatra, SJTA Chief Administrator