Dhanu Jatra: Lord Krishna Steals Gopis’ Clothes As Raslila Continues

06 January 2020

Ommcom News

Bargarh: The world-renowned Dhanu Jatra on its seventh day witnessed the childhood antics of Lord Krishna. The famous folklore of how Krishna would sit on a tree while gopis were taking a bath in the pool was enacted last night in Bargarh.

The gopis only later realised that Krishna had stolen their clothes. Thus, began a game of negotiation and colloquy between the gopis and Krishna for the return of their clothes. The local talent cast as the mythological characters, played their parts to perfection as the crowd cheered on.

Based on mythological story of Krishna and his demon uncle Kansa, Dhanu Jatra features tales of ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’. While Bargarh town turns tyrant Kansa’s kingdom Mathura, Hatapada here features as his Raj Darbar (royal court). On the other hand, Ambapalli, situated on the other side of river Jeera here, features as Gopapur, kid Lord Krishna’s nativity.

Annual drama-based open-air theatrical performance Dhanu Jatra is an 11-day long festival that starts from Pausa Shukla Panchami to Pausa Purnima and has been accorded the status of national festival by Government of India’s department of culture. It is observed in a field spread