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Dhanu Jatra: ‘Kansa Maharaj’ In Puri Shrikhetra For Penance

11 January 2020

Ommcom News

Puri: With the grand climax of the globally renowned 12-day-long mega open-air theatre of Bargarh Dhanu Yatra on the auspicious occasion of Pausa Purnima (Friday), that marks the assassination of tyrant king Kansa as well as the victory of virtue over vice, the protagonist is now on his pilgrimage to this sacred soil of Lord Jagannath for penance and penitence.

While the pivotal role of Kansa Maharaj was played this year by actor Bhubaneswar Pradhan, the important role of his confidant-cum-prime minister was played by Pradeep Panda.

Soon after the demon king’s assassination in the hands of youngster Lord Krishna on Friday evening at the amphitheatre, he headed straight to this holy Jagannath Dham overnight from his Bargarh-based kingdom ‘Mathura Nagari’ in western Odisha.

Pradhan, accompanied by Panda, touched the threshold of pious Govardhan Pitha in a bid to make their mandatory confession before Jagadguru Sankaracharya and begged forgiveness for having committed the cruellest crime of chiding and chastising Lord Krishna during his dialogue deliveries.

Later, the duo walked down to the ‘Mahodadhi’ (sacred sea-cum-holy abode of Lord Vishnu) and took the holy dip in the hope of purgation of their mundane murmurings and misdemeanour.

Even though purged of both physically and mentally, the actor duo took refuge at the Sri Mandir, the ultimate seat of judgement and citadel of divine justice.

Their inner-self urge prostrated themselves before the all-merciful Lord Jagannath for forgiving their unpardonable sin.

Dhanu Yatra features mythological tales of ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’. While Bargarh town turns tyrant Kansa’s kingdom Mathurapuri, Hatapada here features as his Raj Darbar (royal court).

On the other hand, Ambapalli, situated on the other side of river Jeera here, features as Gopapura, kid Lord Krishna’s nativity.

The beginning day of the mega cultural extravaganza began with the wedding of Kansa’s sister Devaki with Basudev.

The larger than life character demon king Kansa rules the roost and steals a march over others.

Bhubaneswar Pradhan, Demon King Kansa