Despite Massive Public Support On Social Media, Kendrapara Karate Girl Still Seeking Help

27 August 2019


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Bhubaneswar: When there is a will, there might not be a way. On August 10, OMMCOM NEWS published the story of 17-year-old Payal Bain from a poor family based in Marsaghai, Kendrapara who aims to bring laurels to Odisha and the country by participating in national and international championships. The girl, trained in Karate, received massive public support and encouragement on social media. Fortnight later, she is still seeking help for future.

Samarth Verma, Kendrapara Collector said, “We have written to Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) in Bhubaneswar to help the girl. However, we have received no reply from their side. If nothing works out, we will arrange for the girl’s admission in an ITI or Polytechnic college.”

However, KISS offers admission to students only from indigenous backgrounds, which means, students with caste certificates can only be enrolled in the institution. “The college’s Sports officer contacted us but we belong to the General category. We do not have the necessary documents required for admission in the college,’ said Payal’s father Sukdev Bain.

“And, what will my daughter do in a Polytechnic or ITI college? She wants an institution where she will get proper coaching to hone her sporting skills. We do not want help for her academics. She is anyway pursuing Zoology Honors in Marsaghai,” added Sukdev.

There was a glimmer of hope for Bain family when Bangalore-based Karate instructor Jayant Muduli approached Payal. He offered to pay all expenses for her training in Bangalore leading up to a National event in December-January. However, Sukdev sees no future in Karate.

“There is no scope in Karate at national and international levels. Once she gets her black belt, she can get registered and start training kids. But, that is not what she wants. Payal dreams of representing India at Olympics. She wants to explore her athletic abilities. She knows badminton and has affinity for Hockey as well. A professional coach can help her discover these recognised avenues and prepare her for competitive events accordingly,” Sukdev explained.

Sadly, Sukdev does not understand that Karate has been slowly receiving the much deserved attention in sporting world and is all set to make its debut appearance at the Summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. 

Meanwhile Payal said, "I want to practice and improve in my physical capabilities. I assure my well-wishers that I will give my hundred per cent in whichever sport I receive training. My only dream is to represent India in an international event.” 

She continues to appeal to public for support in achieving her dream.

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Payal Bain

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Sukdev Bain

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Samarth Verma, Collector, Kendrapara