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Deb Terms Congress Allegation Of BJD-BJP Honeymoon As Baseless

09 December 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today rubbished Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) president Niranjan Patnaik's allegation that the former was having a honeymoon with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and termed it as "baseless".

"OPCC president Niranjan Patnaik's allegation that the BJD was having a honeymoon with the BJP is totally baseless," clarified senior BJD leader Pratap Keshari Deb.

"On the other hand, I would say that this statement is something like jumping the gun," Deb added.

The senior BJD leader said that he and his party would again like to clarify that the BJD is a regional party and its only objective is the interest of Odisha and its progress.

"In this connection whenever a bill comes up in the Assembly or in the Parliament and is in the interest of our State or the country in such cases we support the government. At the time when the UPA government was at the Centre, we had also supported the government in similar situations. And if this is termed as honeymoon then it's completely unacceptable," Deb further clarified.

The senior BJD leader said that these allegations made by the Congress is nothing new and added that the BJP too makes similar allegations that we are having a honeymoon with the Congress.

"Let them first decide with whom we are having a honeymoon," he quipped.

Earlier, in the day OPCC president Patnaik had at a presser here alleged that the BJD and the BJP were the same and are in cahoots.

Patnaik cited instances of bonhomie between the BJD and BJP in the Parliament to reinforce his contention.

Pratap Keshari Deb, Senior BJD Leader

Niranjan Patnaik, President, PCC, Odisha