Deadly Tumour Removed At Malkangiri DHH, Tribal Woman Gets New Life

23 December 2019

Panchanan Dash

Malkangiri: Who said government-run hospitals are ill equipped and often run short of skilled hands to undertake critical surgeries and handle post-operative care?

The District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) at Malkangiri in Odisha's remotest district by the same name has successfully removed an ovarian tumour weighing about 8 kilos from the body of a 20-year-old young woman.

A 20-year-old tribal woman, Pramila Durua from Challanguda in Malkangiri district used to complain about stomach ache for over a year.

The young woman used to languish in excruciating pain with the tumour growing inside her.

Pramila had made several visits to different doctors to get relief from her suffering but in vain.

Left with little hope she visited the DHH here and consulted Dr Swapan Kumar Dhinda who got ultrasonography on her body and detected it to be an ovarian tumour.

"We got ultrasonography done on the tribal girl and detected an ovarian tumour. A pre-anaesthetic check-up was done by our Anesthesiologist. Today surgery was conducted on her and an ovarian tumour weighing 8 kilos has been removed from her body. The surgery has been successful. Her health condition stable, she will be kept under observation for 24 hours. She is now under our care and everything from medicines to blood transfusions will be given for free to her,” said a beaming Dr Anil Kumar Mishra, Additional District Medical Officer (ADMO), Malkangiri DHH.

"This surgery is 100% successful. Surgery Specialist Dr Dhinda, Anaesthesiologist Dr Tripathy and Gynaecologist Dr Mohana have conducted the surgery," he added.

A confident-looking Dr Mishra said that his hospital is well equipped to take up such cases and added that anyone who is suffering from similar problem or other problem is welcome to the hospital.

"We have come from Challanguda. My daughter always complained of stomach pain and gradually her belly grew in size. She took some medicines but nothing happened. I brought her to Malkangiri hospital and consulted Dr Dhinda. He said she has a tumour. Today they operated on her and removed the tumour which weighs around 10 kilos," stated Rama Durua, father of Pramila.

Anil Kumar Mishra, ADMO, Malkangiri DHH

Rama Durua, Father of Pramila