Cyclone Fani Restricts Supply Of Petrol & Diesel, Consumers At Receiving End

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Bhubaneswar: Petrol and diesel are indispensable. These two forms of fuel keep vehicles running. Cyclone Fani has played an act of destruction throughout the Temple City of Bhubaneswar which has restricted access to petrol and diesel.

Petrol pumps are running dry and the limited amount of fuel available in these kiosks have triggered commotion among the consumers. Long queues in the petrol pumps accompanied with chaos and quarrels has become commonplace.

"There is a lot of scarcity of petrol in the city. Most of the petrol pumps are locked while others are unable to supply fuel due to defunct generators. This is the third petrol pump I have dropped in today after failing to refuel in two others in the day. Even here I have to wait for half an hour to fill the tank of my two-wheeler," a private company employee said.

"There is a lot of deficit of petrol in the pumps. The operators have regulated supply which is a major problem. If someone has to move out of the city for an urgent work, and requires a substantial quantity of petrol or diesel, he/she is bound to cancel or postpone the schedule under these circumstances," said another consumer.

"Auto rickshaw network, the lifeline of commuters here is plagued with the petrol deficit. We have to wait for hours to fill our three-wheelers. The general commuters who depend completely on auto-rickshaws are badly hit because of the restricted availability of petrol and diesel," a group of auto drivers said.

“I have an exam today and am already delayed. Not sure if I can refill my scooter and reach the centre in time,” a city-based student said.

While the situation of petrol and diesel unavailability is precarious, the operators are clueless how to help the consumers. “We are ourselves unsure how to meet the demand and supply gap. Power supply is a big issue for us to keep the pumps running. The only thing we can do is to wait for things to get better,” the manager of a petrol pump located in Patia said.

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