Cyclone FANI Aftermath: UNICEF's Donation Campaign For Children In Odisha

10 May 2019


Bhubaneswar: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has begun a donation campaign to support the lives of children in Odisha after the State was hit by the strongest tropical cyclone in many years.

With a picture of two kids, UNICEF India tweeted, "Pooja loves science and her brother Surya loves math. #CycloneFani damaged their school and they are living in a relief shelter in Puri District #Odisha. We count on your support for the children of Odisha! Donate here: http://tiny.cc/cyclone-fani "

The organisation also stated- 10 million people have been affected across almost 15,000 villages, water sources have been infected, over 5,000 school buildings have been damaged and over 1,000 health facilities have been disrupted.

"The situation is grim for the people of Odisha, especially children, boys and girls alike, who are more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and neglect," it added. 

With donation of people, UNICEF will work with the government and local partners to support affected children and families. The support includes providing psychosocial support and life skills to help them recover from this disaster.