Cyclone Fani 70 Kms Away From Puri, Landfall Process Will Start 8 AM Onward

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03 May 2019


Bhubaneswar: Tropical Cyclone Fani is some 70 kilometres offshore Puri and is moving westward at a speed of 17 to 20 kilometres per hour.

The system categorised as extremely severe cyclonic storm is packing winds of up to 200 kilometres per hour and is expected to make a landfall close to Puri in another one hour.

HR Biswas, the Director of Indian Meteorological Department's Bhubaneswar centre said that Fani is likely to hit a location close to Puri (town).

"The impact of the landfall will sustain for a period of three hours. However, strong winds of ranging between 170 to 180 kmph with 200 kmph gusts will last for six to eight hours till late evening at and around the spot of landfall," Biswas said.

In Bhubaneswar, the wind speed would be around 110 to 130 kilometres per hour. The cyclone will impact Odisha for the whole of Friday and after midnight it would move north eastward towards West Bengal. At least 11 districts of Odisha would be affected by severe rainfall.