Cyclone FANI: 28 NDRF Teams Deployed In Odisha, Dispelling Panic Among Vulnerable People

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02 May 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: In view of the extremely severe cyclonic strom FANI approaching very fast for its catastrophic landfall in Odisha, 28 fully- equipped teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have already launched there operation in a bid to address the need of the hour as well as dispelling the prevailing panic among the vulnerable people.  

Talking to media, NDRF DIG K.K. Sinha informed, “28 teams of NDRF have been deployed in different parts of the State. They are all fully equipped and we are working with the State Administration and as per its requirement.”

On being queried about the focus area, he replied, “We’ll do whatever is required. Our Operation Commandant Mr Vijay will be stationed at Puri. He will look after all the operational duties. We are addressing now to see that the people shouldn’t get panicked.”

NDRF Operation Commandant Mr Vijay told media, “Actually we’re addressing the community presently. The Community Awareness Programme is being run by all the teams. We are having 28 teams deployed. 6 teams have come from Patna, 4 teams have come from Varanasi and 18 teams are from the local unit Mundali. All the places have been earmarked and teams have got deployed over there.”

He further informed, “Our Community Awareness Programme is now running in a very large scale so that the communities should get aware of the do’s and don’ts. The people are being told about this. Wherever the district administration is asking for evacuation, we are going for that also.”

He added, “We are equipped with the CSSR equipment, i.e collapse, structure, searches and rescue. We are having the cutters also, heavy duty cutters also. We are having the medical team, first aid team. We are having doctors. We are also having ambulance of the NDRF. Every equipment we are having. Our doctors are also positioned in the area. We are ready to do whatsoever will be required. We are fully prepared.”

“Our one headquarters is at Puri and another at Bhubaneswar. We are connected to every place through our communication system. We have our QD antenna by means of which we can communicate through direct video service,” stated the NDRF Operation Commandant. 

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K.K. Sinha, DIG, NDRF

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Mr Vijay, Operation Commandant, NDRF