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Crowds Swell At RTOs Across Odisha As Relaxation Period Nears End

25 November 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: With just five days left for the relaxation period for stringent enforcement of the amended Motor Vehicles Act to end on November 30, RTO offices across Odisha are teeming with people, a variety of applicants, fee depositors’ et al.

Ommcom News visited the Regional Transport Office (RTO)-I here today to get a feel of the things.

Most of the people standing in the serpentine queues extending up to the service road outside the RTO-I here demanded an extension of the deadline for strict enforcement of the amended Motor Vehicles Act at least by another three months while women and senior citizens sought at least separate queues for them.

"I have come for my DL (Driving Licence). I have got my Learning Licence (LL). I have applied online; today I have come to deposit the fees. For the last three months I am running around, look at the long queue. There should be a separate arrangement for senior citizens. The government should extend the relaxation for another 3-4 months “said a man in his 50s who was standing in the queue to deposit fees for DL.

"The relaxation period is about to end, people are yet to get their driving licences, look at the length of the queues. RTOs should organise additional camps for the benefit of the people. I feel the relaxation period should be extended," said a woman standing in the queue.

"Relaxation period should be extended by a minimum of another three months. Look at the queues, how long these are. More number of counters should be opened for depositing cash" another person in the queue said.

"I had applied two months back for a Learning Licence. Today I have come to deposit the fees after that I will be allotted a date to appear the test. The government should allow some more time in view of the rush," said a youth in the queue waiting for his turn to deposit the fee.

“They should extend the relaxation period, look at the rush," said an old man.

"It will be better if the government extends the deadline, look at the number of people in the queue. There should be a separate queue for women," said a woman in the queue.

An official of the RTO office on conditions of anonymity said that the government should extend the deadline in view of the rush.

Extra counters need to be opened to cope up with the huge rush, the official added.