Craving To Create: Odisha’s Carpenter Infuses Life To Scrap In Bhubaneswar

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31 March 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das / Sangita Agarwal

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Bhubaneswar: Nothing is beyond the scope of art. This has been proven by Bhubaneswar’s 62-yr-old Pannari Muduli, a small-time carpenter and daily wage labourer. Living in the capital city since 1972 with his family, he started his venture just after the Super Cyclone struck Odisha in 1999.

His small home constructed on a government land has a look of some kind of sculptural experiment with spokes, tyres, artistic wooden objects surrounding it. A small wooden aircraft, a creative windmill, many small other objects beautify his home.

It seems as if this carpenter has infused new lease of life in the lifeless objects, thus making it lively and worthwhile.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, he said, “I love creating sculptures from scrap and waste materials and I have passionately followed it since last 20 years.”

After completing his daily work, he returns home to work on his ‘project’ without help from anyone.

“Initially, I used to complain about his hobby. But with due course of time, I found that it gives him a sense of contentment. Moreover, he gives his earnings for the family expenses, so I have no reason whatsoever, to stop him from pursuing his passion,” said his wife Kunu Muduli.

“I want to do something for my city, to beautify it. It is my bit and I hope to continue doing it. Though I gather scrap and start working on it, many a times I spend money from my pocket. I was not even able to save much for my daughter’s marriage, but these things do not deter me. If I get some financial help, I would like to delve myself in many more sculptures,” enlightens the artist.

As his art form is spread on a government land, there are times when they have faced some hassles, but everything gets sorted out.

During the hockey celebration, the authorities asked us to clear up the space, and we did it. It is their land; they can do anything at anytime. We cannot complain about it. So we do not fear any such thing,” informed his wife.

This ‘mad’ sculptor does not even worry about such mundane things, but is on a continuous quest to create something or the other, working every night with his limited tools and resources, just to satiate his creativity.

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Pannari Muduli