Covid-19: Use 'Squares & Circles' To Buy Necessities While Maintaining 'Social Distancing'

25 March 2020

Sangita Agarwal

Bhubaneswar: As PM Modi announced 21 day lockdown for the whole of the country in a bid to combat the deadly corona virus, people resorted to panic buying. Although PM Modi allayed all apprehensions regarding the availability of essential commodities, people came out in large numbers forgetting all about social distancing and resorted to large scale buying and hoarding of food items. 

But in these trying times, an innovative idea of squares and circles have hit various parts of the country in an attempt to ensure social distancing. Videos and photographs from various parts of the country are flooding the social media where circles and squares are marked in white paint just outside grocery stores and medicine shops. Each circle or square is placed a little distant away from the other, and people are advised to stand inside the marked space, in queue and wait patiently for their turn to get the essential supplies by maintaining social distancing.

In Odisha too, the authorities at different places have started this trend. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has tweeted in this regard and Puri authorities have also started practising it. Reports and pictures from various other parts of Odisha are also flooding in.

Desperate time needs desperate measures and this can be seen as a novel way to fight against the deadly virus effectively during this desperate times.