773 positive cases, 32 deaths in last 24 hours: Health Ministry

COVID-19: US Climbs To Top Three, Lock-down 'Highly Essential', Asserts Bagchi

22 March 2020


Bhubaneswar: The number of Coronavirus or COVID-19 patients across the world is rising exponentially. A country like United States of America is at its wits end to contain COVID-19 spread.

USA was at sixth position in terms of COVID-19 patients, it rose to third position in two days, said Subroto Bagchi, Odisha Government's Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19 Management.

Coronavirus is dangerous and we all should unite and follow the Government's advice to keep ourselves safe, he said. "China, Italy, USA, Spain and Germany are in top five positions in terms of COVID-19 infected patients. Two days back USA was at number six. This rise is graph is alarming."

Bagchi added that we need to think, plan and implement strategies two steps in advance, to check this number from growing in India as well as Odisha.

The State Government has announced Lockdown for 40 percent population of Odisha from March 22 to March 29. Bagchi urged people to cooperate and support the State in battling COVID-19.

So far, 3,474 persons have registered as foreign returnees in Odisha Government's COVID-19 portal and 28 persons are in hospital isolation, he added.