Odisha reports 96 COVID19 positive cases today

COVID-19 In Odisha: BMC Issues Guidelines For Lockdown 4.0

19 May 2020


Bhubaneswar:  In supersession to all its previous orders the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) today issued the following regulations/stipulations to remain in effect in the areas under its jurisdiction until further order. 

A. Prohibited Category / Activities. 

I. All Domestic and international air travel of passengers from 8PAI except for domestic medical services, domestic air ambulance and for security purposes or for purposes as permitted by Govt of India/Govt of Odisha. 

II.  All Schools, Colleges, educational training/coaching institutions etc. However online/distance teaming is permitted and encouraged. 

III.  All Social/Political/Sports/Entertainment/Academic/Cultural religious functions/other gatherings and large congregations. 

IV. All religious places/places of worships shall be closed for public. Religious congregations are strictly prohibited.

V. Sports Complexes, Stadia and other facilities will be permitted to open and sports activities are allowed for sportspersons, players; however spectators will not be allowed.

VI. Hotels/Motels/Lodges/Guest houses and other hospitality services other than those used for housing health/police/Govt officials/healthcare workers, stranded persons including tourists and those used for quarantine facilities. Canteens run at bus depots, railway stations and airports will not be allowed. Restaurants shall be allowed to operate for take away/Home Delivery purpose. 

VII. All Cinema Halls/Gymnasiums/Game Parlours/Swimming Pools/Entertainment Parks/Theatres/Bars/Auditoriums/Assembly Halls and similar places. 

VIII. Multi-storeyed shopping malls having shops/outlets of leading merchandisers/Food Courts/Multiplexes etc having area of more than 40,000 Sq Ft. The shopping malls that are not allowed to open are Esplanade One, Rasulgarh; Forum Mart, Satyanagar; BMC Bhawani Mall, Sahid Nagar; Central Shopping Mall, Sahid Nagar; Pantaloon Mall, Sahid Nagar; Reliance Super, near Railway Station, Utkal Galleria, Kalpana Square; BMC Kesari Mall, Unit 2 Market; Symphony Mall, Rudrapur; DN Regalia Mall, Patrapada; and Krishna Plaza Mall, Nayapalli. The stores selling Grocery/Vegetables/Medicines existing in these malls will be allowed to operate. Further all Government or Private offices within the building/structure of these malls will also be allowed to function. 

B. All other activities except those which are specifically prohibited will be permitted. 

C. Conditions and timing of operation: 

a. All the guidelines issued by Government of India/Government of Odisha/BMC relating to social distancing shall be applicable and it will be the responsibility of the shop owners to ensure it. 

b. Wearing of mask by each employee of the Shops/commercial establishments etc. is mandatory. 

c. Employees having Flu like symptoms shall not be allowed to work in any shop/commercial establishment. 

d. Provision of Hand washing/Sanitizers for the employees should be ensured by the Shop Owners. 

e. All the vegetable/Grocery markets will continue to function as decentralized places as per previous Order of BMC. 

f. Barber Shops/Saloons/Beauty Parlours owners should ensure wearing of proper PPE like Face Mask/Hand Gloves etc and also ensure proper hand hygiene of the employee and customers. 

g. All eatery/tiffin and small shops will be allowed to function for the purpose of take away only. They shall not let the customers use the shop or its near vicinity for eating 

h. All the retail shops other than medicine shops shall be allowed to operate from 07.00 AM to 06.30 PM only. 

i. The movement of individuals, for all non-essential activities shall remain strictly prohibited between 7.00 PM to 07.00 AM. Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant women and children below 10 years shall stay at home except for meeting essential requirements and for health purposes.